Formicating all night long

For·mi·ca·tion n. A sensation resembling that made by the creeping of ants on the skin

These insects, these bugs, these bastards are driving me crazy. There are things crawling up my legs, down my arms, across my neck. I’ve become unable to distinguish between a dangling shirt thread and a winged insect traversing my forearm. It’s not just bugs anymore either, I’m seeing animals everywhere: at night I can’t tell a shadow from a deer, a branch from a bird. Yesterday I saw a rat the size of a rabbit jump into Cedar Lake; I think it was real though. I do know the dozens and dozens of roadkill on US-42 are real too. The rest I’m not sure of, especially the insects and bugs. So, so many of them always crawling up my leg. Even now!

In poker news, I haven’t been multi-tabling in a couple days. Recently finished 13/180, 25/909, and 31/550 for a total profit of $33. Boo.

Barnes and Noble had a sale today so for $2 I bought I Always Look Up the Word ‘Egregious’ by Maxwell Nurnberg; it’s a “vocabulary book for people who don’t need one.” Which, if I may be so pretentious, fits me well. This is all made way more amusing by the fact that I really do look up ‘egregious’ a lot. I can’t seem to remember how to spell it (well, I’m sure to remember now) and whenever I seek help from Google they always point me to “gregarious,” which is quite unhelpful.

I did watch Goodbye Lenin the other day, I’d give it 4/5 or so. Would’ve been more enjoyable if I was, you know, actually German myself. But Chulpan Khamatova is TEH HAWT so it was worth it.

Wheeeee I’m blogging again I guess… (!?)

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