Blazing New Trails… Or Not.

My senior seminar is sucking hard. I wish I had a sympathetic voice to bounce ideas off of. There’s this nagging fear in me that my entire project – my goals or thesis – may be entirely wrong. The problem is that my paper is fairly uncharted territory for an Evangelical, especially one from this university.

The guys who might resonate most with my ideas – guys like Brian McLaren & Co. – all write on such a surface level. They aren’t doing serious, rigorous philosophy of the kind I need. Just today an example came up where McLaren misappropriates Quine – gesturing at Quineian notions without really grasping what he’s saying nor the implications. Even a key article in my thinking, Phillip Kenneson’s “There’s No Such Thing As Objective Truth, And It’s a Good Thing Too” is really disappointingly shallow. Great introduction to these themes and I’d recommend to everyone, but not exactly the highest quality source for a senior thesis.

On a related note, I noticed a funny comparison between Dave Eggers and Richard Rorty. Like the former in A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius, Rorty (et al) can sometimes be painfully self-aware or annoyingly reflective – they often frustrate by qualifying every statement to nth degree.

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