Worldview Weekend’s Existence is a Sign of God’s Wrath

Worldview Weekend is coming up here at Cedarville. We college kids are so unbelievably stoked for this extravaganza. I took the Worldview Quiz and scored 6% meaning I’m a “Socialist Worldview Thinker.” I actually scored a 50% on the religion portion, but my views on economics, law, history, and politics make me a closet commie (apparently). This is interesting: let’s say you’re like me and need a worldview re-orientation – “Want to improve your biblical worldview? We [at Worldview Weekend] recommend the following things…”
1. Read your Bible
2. Join a church
3. Pray
4. Pay $36 to attend a Worldview Weekend conference
5. Buy a $50 study series
6. Order over $100 in worldview-correcting books
7. Etc ad nauseam

Moving on… three videos via PutFile: Who should we invade next? | morbid VW tv ad | horrific drag racing crash from last Friday

  • Marios. 64 of em.
  • Abandoned wrecks on Staten Island
  • The Tiger Strikes Again – review of a new complete collection of Calvin and Hobbes strips.
  • Sears Tower from Jenga blocks
  • Ragdoll Bush (flash)
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