Architecture in Helsinki

do not be confused. this is not a crustacean.Hey hey you crazy, cold-sored crustacean-lovers, it’s Wednesday and you know what that means: I get to rave passionately about music that none of you care about, want to like, or even bother downloading! Alright! Today’s song is by Architecture in Helsinki, a group of Aussies who appear to wish they were from Finland. Their latest outing, In Case We Die, is reminiscent of get-happy indie pop like The Polyphonic Spree, sharing their tendencies for large theatrical bands and similar to the shout-a-long songs of The Arcade Fire or The Hidden Cameras. I haven’t listened to this album straight through very often yet so I’ll semi-randomly offer up this little gem: Architecture In Helsinki’s “It’s 5” (3.18meg .mp3).

So why is there sugar in my hair and sugar coming through my car vents? Motta, Sarah – any ideas? I need to stop hanging around such ill-mannered ruffians.

TIME’s Lev Grossman writes this week on nerds being hip: The Geek Shall Inherit the Earth. It’s always funny to me how many geeky/gaming/computer terms end up in common language. Now I’m even hearing decidedly non-nerdy socialites say “woot” (technically, “w00t”), a term originally from the fantasy RPG Everquest. When players were excited to find a stash of items or food they’d exclaim “Woo-hoo, loot!” Now it applies to everything, such as “w00t i pwned my exam this morning.” Where do you rank on the geek hierarchy? While I’m at it, just wanted to send out a huge YIFF YIFF to Remy.

Speaking of total dorks, check out these amusing pictures of people photoshopped as anime/manga characters and read an interview with America’s favorite physicist nerd Stephen Hawking. Ahoy dorks-turned-emos: article on LiveJournal’s creator Brad Fitzpatrick.

Mindless, boredom-breaking flash violence: Sin City shooter. If you’re still bored, tell Stewie what to do. Input enough actual commands and you’ll unlock the Kill Lois sequence.

The picture above was either going to be of the giant squid everyone’s skeeting over or, as you can see, a two-headed turtle recently found.

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