Good news: The Dandy Warhols just released their new cd, Odditorium or Warlords of Mars. Check it.

WaPo: “A Sad Truth: Cities Aren’t Forever” – “The city of New Orleans is not going to be rebuilt…”

Google circa 1997. Be sure to check out the pic page.

Like most Americans (even Joelle soon?), I want to know why our Commander-in-Chief is a clown. “Now They Tell Us”, also in the Washington Post, explores the real George Bush.

Ok many of you are probably familiar with the news story about authorities finding 11 children in Ohio locked up in “cages,” right? Let me make it clear from the outset: I do not condone what was done nor recommend their parental methods. But reading this story sheds way more light on the issue. So quick to demonize aren’t we? In reality what we have is nosy neighbors and media ruining the life and reputation of parents trying to care for the neglected and unwanted. These were 11 adopted kids, all with mental and physical disorders who, in the care of the Gravelles, were/became “polite, well-behaved, well-dressed, [and] well-fed.” The eight children in “cages” – covered cribs really – only slept there (not “lived”) and the whole thing was done at the suggestion of a licensed psychiatrist. For trying (albeit misguidedly) to care for The Other – kids nobody else wants to even touch – the Gravelles are rewarded with extensive, negative media coverage and the ire of minivan-driving mothers who want to feel self-righteous because — despite being too busy for their own children, obscenely berating them for spilling milk and acting like kids — at least they don’t put their kids in “cages.”

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