Bachelors Hate Cooking

I’ve heard many a bachelor, when in the presence of attractive ladies, proclaim how much he “loves cooking.” By this he means he once baked cookies with his mom in high school. You, too, will resort to Insta-Meals and Quickie-Dins once you’re forced to “cook” for and by yourself day after day. Unless you’re Italian and/or your name is Rocco.

  • Class clown now nets 1 million hits a day – goes from prank to profit.
  • Birds get drunk, crash into office building, die.
  • Ice Walls
  • Browser speed comparisons
  • I had to read Jean-Paul Sartre today and felt more convicted about my life than I did sitting in church this morning. Though I did have on my Cedarville College tie, so that has to count for something.

    Fact Of the Day: In the US, a woman is assaulted by a domestic partner every 18 seconds; a man, every 15 seconds.

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