A Series of Improbable Links

Watson called me a “lotioned up fruitcake-o.” Ouch.

Lindsay dreamt last night that I was in a mental institution taking copious amounts of medication.

I watched Life is Beautiful again yesterday, otherwise known as Roberto Benigni’s a Series of Improbable Events. Great movie though.

  • New Republic: The Science of Difference – Steven Pinker on innate gender differences.
  • Fish Oil Helps Treat Depression
  • Band to Band – mapping the rock ‘n roll genome.
  • Well, at Least He Won’t Be Fathering More Fans
  • Fines for Droopy Drawers
  • Amazing shot for the win (*.wmv clip)
  • And my computer’s beeping for no apparent reason. And now I have to go take a quiz on Husserl, Merleau-Ponty, and phenomenology.

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