Kingdom of Loathing

A little over a year and a half ago a hippy in Arizona (pseudoynm: Jick) decided, as a joke, to make a game parodying RPG’s and geek culture. The result, Kingdom of Loathing, differs from the graphic-intensive games so popular and instead offers satire, sarcasm, and stick-figure characters. Instead of wizards and knights you get Seal Clubbers and Accordion Thieves. All these months later, despite licensing offers, KoL has stayed true to its roots. But the coolest thing about the KoL story is that exactly two months ago Jick officially quit his ‘normal’ job and currently makes a living off of donations for the free game, not to mention bringing in enough to pay the $1000+/mo bandwith fee, manage 5 servers (and 1000 new accounts/day), and pay a small amount to co-creator “Mr. Skullhead.” So how long before this blog brings in $40k/year for me?

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