Theater etc.

Where have I been lately?

-> Thursday I saw All My Sons which I’d highly recommend. My review is forthcoming and will most likely be published in Cedars – the latest issue, by the way, has my music reviews of the singles by Katy Rose, Sarah Connor and Avril Lavigne.

-> Friday I went to the Zaireeka listening party, see below.

-> Saturday I went to Subway for the nth time since its recent opening, also recommended even if they’re still not quite the sandwich artists I expect from a Subway.

-> Saturday also found me at the last night of Ruth: The Musical (a sold-out command performance at that), written by the one and only Karen Mowrer. You definately missed out if you didn’t get a chance to see this, very well done overall. Huge props to all the cast and crew. There’s a possibility I may do a Cedars article on this as well.

-> Sunday, today, I’ll probably be at Solace again. Last week was excellent, I may write more on this later. If you have doubts about it, just go and try it once.

-> Monday I’ll be selling J/S tickets all day long starting at 7am. Seniors get there early for the best seating, tickets are only $35 this year.

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