Looking Deeper at The Passion

Vittorio Messori is a Catholic scholar and journalist of high repute. His take on The Passion is worth reading (Via aim for the head):

This film, for its author, is a Mass: Let it be, then, in an obscure language, as it was for so many centuries. If the mind does not understand, so much the better. What matters is that the heart understands that all that happened redeems us from sin and opens to us the doors of salvation.

From Messori I also learned there will be two books to help viewers understand all the symbols and signs scattered liberally throughout the film.

For those who didn’t recognize the last scene of the cross, it’s the living form of Michelangelo’s Pieta, which I thought was interesting at least. The rest of film is more like Caravaggio brought to lifethis page has an extensive collection of Caravaggio images.

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