More on Saddam’s Spiderhole

They aren’t the first to suggest it, but DEBKAfile outline the indications Saddam was not in hiding, but a captive.

Watching all the news yesterday it was repeatedly stated that Saddam could not have been controlling the resistance because he as living in this hole. For some of the reasons DEBKAfile outline, I don’t understand why we’re assuming he was living in there. To me, it was a hideout for sleep and for times when he deemed it dangerous to be elsewhere – the actual portion where Saddam was is barely big enough for him – just enough room to lay down and not move. The 6×8 spider-hole was connected to that. You can’t seriously suggest Saddam has been laying flat for months, only moving into the spacious 6×8 living rorom to get food and such? Where was the dude taking a dump? Certainly not on his bed.

(…more on this at PunditFilter)

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