The Confederate Flag is Racist. Period.

I just read a news story about some hockey players who are being punished for displaying the Confederate flag in a local parade. And I’m reminded that the CU Student Handbook, while forbidding obscene room decorations, makes no mention of racist or hate-filled messages adorning walls.

“The decor of your room should leave no doubt that this is the room of a Christian university student. This simply means that all decorations, wall hangings, posters, computer screen-savers/backgrounds, etc. are to be in harmony with the standards of the University. This excludes pornographic literature; obscene, suggestive, irreverent or sacrilegious slogans; or room decorations or other material not considered supportive of university policy.”

Those boys who I saw hanging the huge flag undoubtedly have never heard of my blog, but if they did I would hope they get the message the displaying the Confederate flag is ignorant and racist no matter how you look at it. I know it’s a part of “Southern heritage” but so is Nazism for Germans. So is that whole “world war” thing for Japanese. But celebrating the darkness in one’s past inescapably condones it. South, you lost the war over a century ago. Go home, give it up, get ride of your flag. See also: Battle Flag Still Hot Topic.

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